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Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Level in an E-Commerce Platform: A Case Study Analysis of Digikala in Iran

In the era of globalization, E-commerce is a great revolution, which has made life simple and innovative for everyone. In online shopping, customers demand to receive high quality products and services. If they perceive that the current e-store is unsatisfactory, they move away to another one easily. So customer satisfaction in an e-commerce platform is different from physical market where customers have access to see products. Like other countries, online shopping has gradually become more popular in Iran and competition among e-retailers becomes increasingly fierce in this industry. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the key factors that affect the level of customer satisfaction in Digikala Company, which is the most famous B2C e-commerce platform in Iran. For this reason, emphasis took place on the elements of website design, information quality, website usability, order fulfillment quality, security and privacy, and also trust. Based on these factors, six hypotheses of the study were developed as part of the research model. A quantitative approach was employed. The survey was conducted with 416 respondents (convenience sampling) and data were gathered online through a self-administered questionnaire. Acquired data were analyzed with Multiple Regression in SPSS 18.0 and AMOS software. The findings revealed that there are positive significant relationships between all mentioned factors and customer satisfaction. Out of these six significant factors, security and privacy plays a stronger influence than other ones. This study suggests that Iranian e-retailers and e-commerce service designers can utilize these findings to know how to improve satisfaction level of their customers and as a result gain competitive advantage based on a better understanding of their customers’ needs, wants, and expectations. Index Terms - B2C, Customer Satisfaction, E-commerce, Online Shopping.