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On the Characterization of Service Providers in HIJAB Fashion Industry of Indonesia

The largest Muslim population in the country is Indonesia. For years, Muslim women in Indonesia have had to adapt to an assemblage of long-sleeved T-shirts and cardigans to express their fashion taste. Surprisingly, faith and fashion were largely mutually exclusive. Due to the demography of Indonesia, hijab fashion industry is crowned as the fastest growing industry among other industries in the creative sector. The industry has come to cause a stir by successfully serving national needs toward hijab fashion items with value consumption worth USD 18 billion in 2015. There are four key aspects in global hijab fashion industry, i.e., brands, event, media, and designer. Islamic Fashion Fair in Indonesia holds the first rank in the aspect of the event. Additionally, Noor magazine as the oldest female magazine in Indonesia wins the first position in the field of media. As from designer aspect, Dian Pelangi from Indonesia emerged as one the most influential hijab fashion designer. From the brand aspect, on the other hand, Indonesia is still an underdog. This study conceptualizes knowledge co-production process using the evidence from hijab fashion industry as a service ecosystem. The knowledge co-production or knowledge exchange among the stakeholders in service ecosystem is necessary. The growth of brand as the knowledge integration output is influenced positively by the number of an available educational institution in the ecosystem. Semi-structured interviews as the qualitative approach are conducted to the representative of the government, designer, media, and enterprise sectors. This study showcases the lack of educational institution in the ecosystem and therefore characterizes the service providers in hijab fashion industry in Indonesia. The classification of service providers in hijab fashion industry in Indonesia is constructed on a conceptual model to redefine the service ecosystem. Both theoretical and practical contribution of the characterization of value orchestration of service-dominant logic is also discussed. Index Terms- Hijab Fashion Industry, Service Ecosystem, Value Orchestration, Resource Integration.