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Improving Urban Museum Value Blueprint: A Service Dominant Logic Approach

Tourism has been known as one of sector in contributing to develop economic growth for some region. Thus, it is important to maintain sustainable tourism activity in some destinations. As the effort in increasing tourists activity with keep their revisit intention and recommendation willingness to the other according from their experience. Provider has to understand the basic source of experience come from developing service. Establish the design of service has to adapt on the technology and information rapidly, innovation and co-creation experience in tourism service as the important keys. As scientifically researcher emphasizes to answer how quality service increased by value co-creation approach and it influenced to whole tourists experience (Zatori, 2013). This study takes an observation of service blueprint in Geology Museum as heritage tourism in Bandung City which carries out some critical points which potentially decreasing tourists’ experience by understanding the initial service and value blue print that visitor received. Thus, some suggestion provided to improvetourists’ experience. Keywords - Service blueprint, Experience-based service, Causal loop diagram