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Sharing Platform Model as Library Innovation of University Student Community in Taiwan

This paper presents about the movement from linear economy to circular economy is increasing slightly. Circular economy is about closing the loop of value product chain. Many people start to think to create zero waste from one product and try different ways to sustain the value product chain. Many people compete each other to change the waste into something useful through some business models including Circular Supply-Chain, Recovery and recycling, Product Lifeextension, Products as a Service, and Sharing Platform. However, sharing platform model is the only business model can be done not only by the original company that manufacture the product but also third-party stakeholder. Sharing platform model is also related to sharing economy which means people share the same resources to other communities. Library of Things at National Cheng Kung University (hereafter called LoT NCKU) is one of the sharing platform model in Taiwan. LoT NCKU is a platform where student can lend and borrow things among NCKU students. LoT NCKU aims to create the culture of sharing between NCKU students. The writer conducts the research about the suitable sharing platform model that can be applied in Taiwan university among students community of Taiwan university. The writer held workshop in Tainan, Taiwan and focus discussion group that participated by twenty-five NCKU students. In that workshop and focus discussion group, writer as workshop participants and observer join the workshop how to know what people think about the sharing platform model (LoT NCKU). This study aims to deliver the workable of sharing platform model as library innovation to create culture of sharing. Creating culture of sharing will be worthwhile for environment because people don’t need to demand for a new manufacturer and can use the same resource. Index terms: Circular Economy, Sharing Platform Model, Library Innovation, Culture of Sharing