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An Investigation About the Attitudes of High School Students Towards Friendship with Opposite Genderin Terms of Some Variables

The main purpose of this research is “The investigation about the attitudes of high school students towards friendship with opposite gender in terms of some variables". The universe of the research is all high school students in Küçükçekmece District in İstanbul. 453 students voluntarily participated in the study from all the class levels (High School 1,2,3,4) of three different high schools selected randomly from lower, middle and upper socioeconomic statuses constitute the sample of this research. In order to reveal the demographic information of the students who answered "The Scale of Attitude towards Friendship with Opposite Gender” developed by Erdoğdu, the researcher also developed an information form. Since the scores obtained from the scale showed normal distribution, one-way ANOVA was used for the significance of the difference among the averages of more than two variables and independent t-test was used for the difference between the averages of two variables. According to the results obtained from the research, male students' attitudes towards opposite gender are more positive than those of female students are. The scores of students whose parents live together are higher than those whose parents are separate. As the education level of the parents increases, scores of the Scale of Attitude towards Friendship with Opposite Gender also increase. The attitudes of the 2nd grade high school students towards friendship with opposite gender are higher than those of 1st and fourth grade high school students. As a result, having positive attitudes towards friendship with opposite gender is thought very important in terms of social and emotional development of students. Keywords - Attitude, Opposite gender, Attitude towards opposite gender