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Donald Trump; Islamic World and Globally Political Order of Indonesian Perspective

The victory for Donald Trump in presidential election on 8th November 2016 gives big influence for the political order in the world. Trump spreads fear for the world due to his controversial figure. Mainly for the Muslim world caused by his political statement discredited Islam as the community which has potent to be the terrorist. This paper tries to describe and differentiate the relationship between the United States (West) and the Islamic world beginning from George Walker Bush, Barack, Obama, and tries to predict the relationship under Trump’s administration. In this paper, it’s explained that since the attack of World Trade Center in 2001, Bush’s administration campaigned for combating the terrorist (Islam) group in the world. The impact was the increase of islamophobia (hatred toward Islam) in the West and the rise of radicalization in Islamic world. It was the legacy from Bush. When Obama came in 2008, he tried to make good relationship between the West and Islamic world, including Indonesia. Even though Obama doesn’t succeed fully, but at least he could decrease the political tension. Now, Trump is coming in with his controversial figure. What will happen in the global world order under Trump’s administration? This paper tries to see the relationship and the response from the Islamic world, mainly from Indonesia as state where Islam is the majority. This paper also explains the response of the Indonesian mainstream media with the victory for Donald Trump in presidential election. Key words - United States, Islamic world, the West, Islamophobia, Indonesia, and radicalization