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Human Resource Management: Performance Management, Need for Professional Appraisal and Psychographic and Demographic of Labours

Human Resource Management (HRM) in software companies has been rapidly developed in the last few decades, by means of modern HRM assets. The policy of ‘commercializing’ the public sector has been pursued in various ways, the introduction of quasi-markets, competitive tendering, and performance measurement and consumer choice. There has been an influx of managers from the private into public sector, and a greater interchange of staff between the two sectors (Newman and Clarke, 1994).In recent years, there has been a drive towards linking the appraisal of employees to the strategic objectives of an organisation. The idea is that the organisation sets its own goals and performance measures. These goals are then translated into goals for managers and employees. Measurable targets are identified and set for employees, and their performance against the targets will be used as part of their appraisal. Appraisal is, therefore, seen as part of management control. By measuring the performance of employees against targets, management is seen to be proactively managing the performance of employees and therefore improving the performance of the organisation. This study presents various comparative analyses of employee’s psychographic and demographic characteristics and their effects on the industry. A survey with a psychologist approved questionnaire has been used to collect the data from more than 50 Human Resource managers from various professional back ground in Tamil Nadu, India. Keyword - Appraisal, professional appraisal, management, psychographics, demographics, labour market segmentation, HRM.