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Visual Susceptibility as an Archaic Tool for an Accessible Method in Design Education

The most known and recognised way that raise humanity up to civilization, is education. Visual sensibility can be defined as a gift of defining a vision and turning it into a product, which is much more than eye pleasure that would be useful in design process. The one who has that gift, could expose the approach of the designer. An artist could develop specified production methods that he do not have to define. Perceiving and identifying every component that could make him productive, could be demonstrated as an artist responsibility. Whereas a designer expresses the product that can be described as the existent situation of a vision. Design is a process that is conducted in the light of human needs, for human. Opposite to technological changes and trends that is is directly in interaction, its every contribution on design values, is a development. A designer should be identified as someone who manifest productive products sustainably, systematically, decisively and consistently. What is expected from design activity is contribution to vital quality and productivity, much more than exposing the unthought. Index terms - Design Education, Visual Sensibility, Project Ideation, Product Design Conception.