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Critical Review of Industrial Symbiosis in India

The industrial symbiosis is a subset of industrial ecology used as a potential approach to waste management. The strategy to reuse waste between two or more industries in a relatively close geographical boundary is known as “Industrial Symbiosis.” In India, limited research has done in implementing industrial Symbiosis although some voluntary evolved network of industrial symbiosis has noticed during the study. These are Naroda By-product exchange Ahmedabad Gujrat, Taloja Industrial Estate Raigad District Maharashtra, Narela Industrial Estate New Delhi, Najangud Industrial Area Karnataka and in small and medium scale enterprises of Muzaffarnagar India. It suggests that the geographical proximity and informal sector plays a significant role in industrial symbiosis. Even in India, the material flow through informal sector is quite larger than the organized sector which concludes that studying industrial symbiosis in Indian context requires consideration of informal sector. Keywords - Industrial Symbiosis, Industrial Ecology, Reuse, By-Product Exchange