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A Framework for Enhancement of Human Resource Productivity by using Balanced Scorecards; A Decision-Based Approach

This dissertation presents a conceptual framework that adequately evaluates and controls the productivity process. The research utilizes the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) which is an organizational management tool, and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to evaluate three company’s performance cycle. The BSC model for the study comprises of four perspectives that are Financial, Customer, Internal business processes and Training and innovation. These measures are explicitly defined and categorized using key performance indicators (KPI) for the decision-making purposes. The AHP method is adopted for weighting the BSC criteria, and the PROMETHEE method is used to select the best strategy to be implemented in the organization. The conceptual framework of the research integrates the theories of strategic evaluation and management science and divides the model into measurable business objectives to enhance and improve productivity. Indexterms - Performance measurement, Performance dashboard, PROMETHEE, Human resource productivity, Balanced scorecard, Analytical hierarchy process