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Analysis on Global Integration of Cross-Culture and International Student Mobility

This paper is focused on International Student Mobility (ISM) in Higher Education (HE) which contributes to the researcher’s developing curiosity towards the various ISM aspects. Such attention towards the topic is indicated by the fact that during 1950s and years after the consensus of students worldwide who study internationally has leaped from 0.2 million to more than 2 million by 2012. This paper is therefore based on the exploratory search on the topic under study while highlighting the gaps in the existing study/ knowledge, other challenges linked with researching ISM and conceptual inconsistencies through the perspective of epistemological and also in context to the education related intercultural and in relation to the intercultural education in the terms of issues related to education. The aim of this study is to discover the key variances in the individual behaviors those who have to International Countries from the one who do not in order to highlight the importance of training of the intercultural proficiency to locate the development and growth of the concerned distinct groups of individuals participating in the study living in a supra-cultural space and which also distinguishes in the context to the higher education they attend.. Keywords - Mobility, Cultural Sensitivity, Cross-Cultural Competence, Globalization, DMIS.