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Impact of Talent Management on Organizational Performance in Nepalese Commercial Banks

The study aims to determine the impact of talent management on organizational performance in Nepalese commercial banks. It also identified how the talent management affects organizational performance. A sample of 213 employees working in Nepalese commercial banks was randomly selected from fifteen banks out of twenty eight commercial banks based on operating more than ten years. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, regression analysis, Multicollinearity and F-test. SPSS AMOS 21 was used to analyze data to test hypothesis using SEM. The result revealed that four components i.e. talent selection (7 items), talent development (9 items) and talent retention (10) have significant impact on organizational performance in Nepalese commercial banks where as talent attraction (8 items) have insignificant impact on organizational performance (10). The findings are discussed with a view to improve the organizational performance in Nepalese banking sector. Modern organizational have been found to have given much attention on talent management for the improvement of overall organizational performance at global level. Keywords - Talent attraction, talent selection, talent development, talent retention and Organizational Performance