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Service Quality Influences on Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty: In Case of Mongolian Bankingsector

Mongolian Bank Sector was highly developed and offer 14-15% interest rate of year for customers, which means highest interest rate in world.Today, 40% of Mongolian has saving account in the banks.Research focused to investigate relationship of Service Quality,Customer Satisfaction,Brand loyalty.Survey data was collected from 156 customers of banks by paper and answers of 110 respondents was collected by Social Media.The research result found that service quality significantly positive influences on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.Customer satisfaction positive and significantly affects to brand loyalty. It means Service quality is main reason of customer satisfaction. If customers more satisfy, they more relate with bank for long time. Thus, Managers of service company need to focus Service Quality in order to enhance Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty. Keywords- Service Quality,CustomerSatisfaction,Brandloyalty,Banking Sector