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Non Recognition of Kosovo and Stability in the Balkans

Kosovo is one of the newest states in the EU arena. It appeared as the independent state from the process of demolition of the former Yugoslavia. Various discussions in the field of diplomacy, political sciences, international law, media, etc., were developed and continue to develop regarding the process of creation of Kosovo as the state. They were developed from various point of views where two were main: some to justify the right of Kosovo to statehood and the others rejection this right. Author using the combined methodology with the help of scientific methods (method of theoretical analysis, method of historical analysis, method of comparison, etc.), which will explain that Kosovo right for independence was based in the international law, whereas the recognition of Kosovo as a state by five EU states that still did not recognize is a much better contribution toward peace and integration in EU. Findings and the recommendations are expected to be used in the further academic debate within and outside of Kosovo. Key words - State, independence, recognition, peace, EU, debate