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Key Success Factors for Flipped Classroom in Implementation: A Literature Review

Flipped the classroom has become an increasingly popular approach to meeting the learning in classroom. In flipped classroom the lecture normaly delivered in-class, are assigned as homework and quiz in the form of video or podcasts and assignments learning and it is reverse of the traditional classroom. The flipped classroom in which digital technologies are used to transfer direct instruction outside of the classroom to an individual learning space. Offloading direct instruction in this way allows teachers to reconsider how to maximize individual face-to-face time with students. Therefore, flipped classroom is based on the idea students watched the videos or completed the reading at home, students can respond to “clicker questions” to report their progress as they work on the exercises. Finally, the learning activities as well as the assigned homework in flipped teaching model very widely between studies. keywords- flipped-classroom; learning; increasing; students;in-class (key words)