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The Effect of the using Gradual Release of Responsibility Teaching Model on Iraqi Non-EFL College Students' Achievement in Reading Comprehension

This study aims empirically at finding out the effect of using Gradual Release of Responsibility concept, stages and practically teaching model on Iraqi non-EFL college students' achievement in Reading comprehension. To achieve the purpose of this study, 60 second year non-EFL college students were chosen to be the sample of the present study, 30 students were considered to be the experimental group in which the GRR model has been applied. The other thirty students were assumed to be the control group, in which conventional way of teaching reading comprehension is conveyed. The findings indicate that the experimental group subjects’ achievement in reading comprehension has been found to be better than that of the control group subjects on the reading comprehension post-test, and that the experimental group subjects show statistically significant increases in the use of GRR model on the post-administration of the test .On the basis of the results obtained, it is highly recommended to apply GRR model for teaching reading instruction courses for the non-EFL college students second year departments Keywords - Gradual Release of Responsibility Teaching Model (GRR Teaching Model), Reading Comprehension,