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The Influence of Inquiry Learning Methods to the Science Skills of Early Childhood

The problem in this research is the method of learning has not been effective to the children's science skills in PAUD TerpaduTerataiMakassar. This study aims to determine the effect of effectiveness of Inquiry Learning method in developing children's science skills. Type of research used is Pre-experiment. The study population was all children of group B in PAUD TerpaduTerataiMakassar. Sampling in this study using the technique of Sampling Area (Cluster Sampling), where the sample of research will be conducted on group B5 consisting of twenty one children aged five until six years. Techniques Data collection through observation, test and documentation. Data analysis technique used is Descriptive Analysis and Wilcoxon different test. Test results show that there are differences in the value of children's science skills before and after getting a learning based on Inquiry Learning method that is the ability of children's science before following the learning using Inquiry Learning method included in the medium category and the results of science skills for children who have followed the learning method using the Inquiry Learning is included in the high category. Keywords - Inquiry Learning, Science Skills, Early Childhood