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The Thinking Style of Teachers towards The Implementation of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Preschool

This research was carried out to analyse the thinking style of preschool teachers in the implementation of higher order thinking skill (HOTS) in preschool. The sample of this research stands of 100 preschool teachers. A questionnaire consist of 21 questions were distributed to the respondents. The Hermeneutics method was used to analyse the data collected from the respondents. According to the findings of this research, it is identified that most of the teachers have a good thinking style in terms of inquisitive, open-mindedness, systematic, analytic, reality seeking, confidence in thinking skill and maturity. The implication of this research isto educate teachers to cultivate good thinking skill in them to implement higher order thinking skill among preschool students. Keywords - Higher Order Thinking Skill, Thinking Style, Preschool, Hermeneutics Method.