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Mercy and Human Love in Abu’l-Hasan Harakani as a Follower of The Morals of Prophets

One of the first regions in which Turks enter Anatolia is Kars and its vicinity. Before the Seljuk Sultan Alparslan's Malazgirt Victory (1071), Abu'l-Hasan Kharakani (963-1033) has migrated from Iran to the Kars region. The reason for his advent of Kars is spreading the tolerance and universal values of Islamic religion to these lands. At the beginning of the 11th century when the Turks had not yet fully entered Anatolia, Abu'l-Hasan Kharakanî was illuminating people in Kars, where people from different religions were living together. He was a great sufi, and his greatest goal was to make people believe in God and meet their needs. Those sentences belong to him: "God! Under all circumstances I am the servant of you and your Messenger, the servant of the believers! "The greatest goodness; to serve the servant of Allah without feeling tired and weary”. For the first time in Anatolia, Abu'l-Hasan Kharakanî started the tradition of setting up outdoor dining and eating angles every day. Apart from Muslims, Christian and other religions were accepted for his meal. The creation of a person by God was enough to sit at this table. This is the most beautiful example of tolerance for that period and all the time. This human love of Kharakani, who finds respect for all people to be the slaves of the same God, is one of the main features of Anatolian Sufism. This understanding, which Harakani laid the foundation for and continued by the Anatolian Sufis, ensured that very different nations would live together harmoniously in these lands. In this study, Abu'l- Hasan Kharakani's understanding of mysticism in general and tolerance and human love in particular will be examined. Examples of ethics of co-existence in his own period will be included. How this understanding spreads and the effects that it creates in other sufis will also be addressed. It is also argued how Kharakani's understanding of tolerance means for today and how it constitutes exemplary. Keywords - Abu'l-Hasan Kharakanî, Anatolian sufism, co-existence, human love, tolerance.