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Godianity and Creatorium: The Lost Scriptures of the Middle Testament

The multiplicity of religious denominations contributes to the clash of civilizations and avoidable conflicts. There is no doubt that conflict is generally prevalent in human society. Divisions always exist and struggle for scarce resources aggravates crisis. Whereas religion is essentially designed for peace, the multiplicity of different religious sects serves to ignite conflict even in the name of God. There is lack of trust on the part of religious groups. Mutual trust is largely eroded and replaced by mutual suspicion. This research advocates Godianity as a single universal religion to reduce religious conflicts which threaten civilizations. Godianity is the one and only religion centered on the name of God Himself. The scriptures of Godianity and Creatorium form the fundamental basis of Godianity religion but since the scriptures are lost, the search must begin to recover them for humanity so as to gain the spiritual glory it deserves. The first step will be to harmonize existing religious sects in order to filter and get them refined for the sake of peace and harmony of civilizations. Key Words - Godianity, Creatorium, God, Lost Scriptures, Middle Testament