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The Identification of Service Quality Role in Enhancing Service Firms Performance: A Conceptual Framework

The growth of certain country in global level could be indicated by seeing the service sector of that country. One important thing is service sector is the service quality that they have in order to answer the customer need. This service quality is one component that will determine firms performance. In general, firms performance could be improved by implementing innovation within the firms. To create this innovation, many parties and aspect is involved, two of them are interpersonnal skill of human resource and customer orientation which is also become the main aspect in service quality. Based on this situation, this study has an aim explore the role of service in creating better firms performance and to know the relationship between service innovation, service quality, and firms performance.To gain the information regarding this problem, literature review of previous research which talked about service innovation, service quality, and firms performance was reviewed. Based on the literature review there are several finding. First, to create better service performance, the firms should considered about the service innovation and service quality. Second, the service quality could be concluded as mediator between service innovation and firms performance. Third, interpersonal skill of human resource and customer orientation has a big role in creating service quality and service innovation.All of this information is only based on literature review, because of that, further research is needed in order to test the framework in the real situation and get better understanding about the link between service quality, service innovation, and firms performance which later could give the insight to make a better performance of service firm especially in Indonesia. Index Terms - Service sector, service firms, service quality, service innovation, firmsperformance