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Goonj - Converting Trash to Valuable

The society is made up of have and has not, taking birth with different fortunate’s. On the one side they have section are enjoying their stars, the other corner is full of the have not still craving for basic necessities. To make the world a better place for living, contributions to the interest of the less fortunate section of the society is much needed. Today social workers, Entrepreneurs and NGO’s are few with the ethical bent of mind having societal goodness as their aim. Social innovation is one major sword of social entrepreneurs to cut down the social problems of the society i.e. taboo, poverty, child labour, deprivation of resources, illiteracy, population explosion, health issues etc. These entrepreneurs come out with smart work and creative outcomes to cater to the need of the society. The paper focuses on the organisation working for various social causes, and fighting the odd with the help of their social innovations, creative outcome and unbeatable leadership. “IT’S NOT JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH” initiative of Goonj becomes the major part of the study. The paper will also show a fair comparison of the picture before and after the organisation started working towards upliftment of underprivileged. The role of social innovation also helps in sustainable development and how the management skills of the social innovators helps them to use their innovative ideas with greatest success rate also forms the part of the study. Keywords - Social Innovations, Social Entrepreneur, Management Skills, Sustainable Development, Goonj Ngo, Awareness Programs