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The Role of Victims Against There to the Crimes

This research aims to determine the relationship between the victims of the crime. The background of this research is that victims and crime are interrelated components. Evil happens not only because of the intention of the perpetrator but also because there is an opportunity that is the impact of the victim's own behavior. In addition, the victim's response to a crime occurred also played an important role in the recurrence of the same crime. This research is a qualitative research by describing the answers obtained from informants into a description. This research was conducted in Makassar , South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Data collection method in this research is snowball sampling method by find early informant and use its knowledge to find other informant potency to be researched in accordance with problem in this research. Data collection techniques in this study are in- depth interviews of respondents who researched and saw the relevant documents that can help the implementation of this research. The results of this research indicate that the behavior of the victims contributes to the occurrence of crime. From this study shows that there are two conditions that can make the victim the cause of the crime. The first condition is the behavior of the victim before the crime is to create an opportunity for the perpetrator to commit a crime. The second condition is after experiencing the crime by not following up the crime that happened to him. The apathy of the victim in reporting his crime makes the crime more likely to happen again. Keywords - Victims, role of victims, crimes