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Developing International Migrant Labours Pattern: The Case of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Langkawi, Malaysia

This paper presents findings from a survey conducted to develop a pattern of international migrant labours in the tourism and hospitality industry in Langkawi. The findings of the study are expected to assist the Workforce Department in designing and preparing a comprehensive policy regarding the international migrant workers employment in Malaysia by taking into account the developed pattern consisted of their socio-demographic profiles. However, this study only involved the international migrant labours who were legally working in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Langkawi. The respondents were also consisted of skilled and semi-skilled workers excluding the expatriates. Subsequently, the findings may only present those international migrant workers who majority were working at the lower managerial level. Keywords — International migrant labours, socio-demographic profiles, tourism and hospitality industry, Langkawi, Malaysia