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Impact of Employees Satisfaction in Employee Loyalty, Retention and Organizational Performance

Retention of highly skilled and loyal employees enable improving the organizational performance that significantly contributes to maintaining its competiveness in the market and competitive advantages. Therefore, one of the key aspects of employee retention is improving employee satisfaction for sustaining high organizational performances. Studying the factors influencing employee satisfaction and their impacts are essential for addressing numerous issues like organizational development, corporate policy formulation, organizational performance and organizational competitiveness. The current paper aims at researching how the employee satisfaction has an impact employee retention, loyalty as well as organizational financial and non-financial performances of the organization based on the case of a cashmere and wool garment company in Mongolia. The research results indicate that satisfied employees tend to be loyal and committed to the organization and contributed positively on the organizational non-financial performances. However, no correlation is indicated between employee retention and organizational financial performance. Keywords - Job satisfaction, employee loyalty, employee retention, organizational performance-financial, organizational performance-non financial