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Smart Helmet: For Driver Safety

In India, common man uses motor cycles as affordable vehicle for travelling. As per the Indian Population the ratio of middle class people is more. The ratio of accidents occurs due to motor cycle are more as compared to other vehicles. These accidents happens due to many reasons like high speed of the bike, drunk and drive cases and last because of not wearing helmets during driving. The solution to these problems is smart helmet. The main objective of this work is to develop smart helmet to provide safety of these people. The helmet is mandatory to wear to start ignition of bike. Smart helmet is protective headgear use by biker to make driving safe. This System has two modules, bike module and helmet module. Helmet module which will help to detect helmet is wear or not and drunken biker. The bike will start only when helmet is wear by non drunken rider. The novel of this smart helmet includes GSM, GPS and vibrations to detect accident. As GPS is connected to helmet the location of rider is send to relatives via GSM when rider caught in accident. Keywords - Arduino, Force Sensing Resistor, Vibration Sensor, GSM.