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Opportunities and Challenges for Romanian Industry Regarding International Industry 4.0 Adoption and Implementation

Romanian industry, especially the automotive and aerospace sectors, has seen an almost exponential growth over the past 15 years, with foreign investments from major companies having a huge influence. But as the competition requires shorter times from design to production, and soon after – commercialization, and at the same time lowering costs and increased efficiency, targets are getting harder to achieve. Industry 4.0, a German concept for a radically new way of approaching current challenges, is presenting its clear benefits for implementation, and big companies are already taking steps forward in order to ensure a profitable future in the long run. Romanian companies, especially with activities in automotive and aerospace industries, must take steps of alignment with this new concept if they seek to remain competitive. In Romania, industrial companies will face big challenges in implementing Industry 4.0 concepts, due to high infrastructure costs, personnel reticence towards new ways of working, and new software acquisitions.The current paper analyzes factors for both scenarios, and tries to present a valid forecast for Romanian Industry 4.0 implementation. Index Terms - Company, industry 4.0, implementation, Romania