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Factors Affecting Thai Female Politicians Entering Political Arena

The purposes of this research were to study the model of level of involvement in political activities of female politicians and the antecedent, to study success factors for entering political arena, and to create new body of knowledge to comprehend the political activities of Thai female politicians. The researcher had designed the qualitative research by utilizing context analysis and descriptive analysis by accumulating secondary data from government document, rules, regulations, executive orders, research findings, dissertations, and vast information from internet together with the primary data from the interviewing with key informants. The findings revealed that there were two types of female politicians’ involvement which was a formal involvement and informal involvement and factors affecting Thai female politicians entering political arena which comprised of supporting factors and detrimental factors. On one hand, the supporting factors included related rules and regulations, family supporting, personal interests, individual talents, knowledge capacity, family income, past achievement, funding, budget from political party, and social capital. On the other hand, the detrimental factors included social norms, gender discrimination, lacking of purposes, family burden, and level maturity of each female politician. Index Terms - Thai Female Politician, Factors of Entering Political Arena, Political involvement.