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Determination of Depreciation of Construction Logistics (A Case Study of Using Various Methods to Determine the Depreciation of D7 Bulldozer)

This research aims at determining the depreciation of a construction logistics (D7 Bulldozer) using various methods. The methods chosen were the straight line, Sinking fund, capital outlay, sum of digits and declining balance. The objectives were as follows: to determine the total depreciation, to determine the annual depreciation, to determine the hourly depreciation, to determine the daily and weekly depreciation of the plant. The various methods were used to compute the total depreciation, annual depreciation, hourly depreciation, daily depreciation and weekly depreciation of the construction plant. The results were compared and analysed to select the best method for determining depreciation. The capital outlay method was selected as the best method. Keywords - Depreciation, Plant, straight line method, Logistics.