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Beauty, Health, and Cosmetic Protection for Thai Consumers

Beauty, health, and cosmetic products are a popular and booming business in Thailand for the last decade. However, there are many problems of poor quality, fake products, imitated ingredients, and other detrimental problems to consumers. The purposes of this research were to investigate necessary and vital strategies for beauty, health, and cosmetic consumer protection, also it was important to create a model explaining the relationship of the strategies for beauty, health, and cosmetic consumer protection, and to monitor the proper use of model. In order to find the answers for this research, a mixed research method of both quantitative and qualitative technique was conducted. The sample size of 400 respondents who used these products on a daily basis was determined by Taro Yamane table with a 0.05 level of significance. By using a simple random sampling technique and purposive sampling method, the number 400 was chosen. The data collation was done via a Likert five scales questionnaire to elicit respondents’ opinion. Index Terms - Beauty, Health, Cosmetics, Consumer Protection, Strategies.