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A Factual Study on Small Enterprises Comparing Kurdistan with Poland

Research presented here focuses on small enterprises working in Kurdistan Regional and its comparison with the small enterprises of Poland. Small enterprise is a sector of the economy that needs Kurdistan Region government attention and other developing nations due to the role it plays in job creation and economic growth in the nation's economy. In many developed countries, the government assists them with favorable policies, plans and programs in reversion of the older practices of giving interest to the big businesses. Obtaining financing for your small business can be an important element in building your company into a strong and thriving organization. The main impediment of entering into this market or developing further is the initial startup capital for the small enterprises largely secured through family. In addition, the problem here is the shortage of financial sources which has limited their abilities to grow, invest more, and think innovatively. A more open economy after removing Saddam’s regime has not supported the growth of financial structure, including E-finance. This limited further expansion and increased risks associated with it, particularly when corruption activities have replaced market efficiency. Consequently, developing small enterprises has been difficult. Broadly speaking, the borrowers-lenders behavior is an important issue that should be taken into account in studying small enterprises. It can be noted that small enterprises owners are suffering from lack of loans having the collateral too because of being Islamic economy. Keywords - Enterprise, Business, Finance, Kurdistan, Poland