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Factors Affecting Management of Private Dormitories as Per Maejo University Requirements

This study explores factors affecting Maejo University Network dormitory by in-dept interviewing to 3 staff from Student affairs Department, 12 managers and 20 students working as committee and found that such factors are as follows: 1) Laws and regulation enforcement 2) Fair rental contract 3) Awareness of students and private dormitory entrepreneurs’ benefits 4) Allowing students to examine the dormitory and visiting other students on a regular basis 5) Management 6) Open to feedback and 7) Preference of political science in managing. It is recommended dormitory management and students that in order to be successful in managing network private dormitories those 7 factors must be pursued in accordance with one another. The process must be re-evaluated in order to develop better approach by realizing that students should live in the convenient and safe environment; this is the key to the management. Index Terms: Private Network Dormitory, 2 Years Curriculum Students, Seneior Representative.