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Mapping the Gaps for Matching Academia Deliverables with Hospitality Industry Needs

This paper present the reasons for mismatch between industry and hospitality institutions needs in terms of getting students placed into industry. Hospitality industry is all about its employees and providing world class facilities to its guests. But there are few factors which affects the needs of the industry. All over the world, an industry comes to the University concerned to find solutions or for innovative ideas, but in hotel management it is just the opposite. Here, educational institutes go to the industry for solutions. Lack of employable talent is a challenge for most industries, including hospitality. Academia – Industry partnership is the way forward for hospitality education in the country to ensure that hospitality institutions produce employable talent. The academia and industry should partner for the growth and development of students. The objective of the study is to find out the challenges faced by the both industry and institutions and factors affecting the employability in the industry. Web based questionnaire used here for data collection and to interpret the data factor analysis and chi-square will use. Keywords - Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Education, Skills, Challenges, Factor Analysis