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The Visualization of Photography Learning through Cinematic Methods

The Visualization of Photography Learning Through Cinematic Methods is a part of the Photography for Community project and the Principal of Photography course that its class learning activities included the documentary photography theory and the visualization theory that learning from two documentary films that are different in style about their visual-storytelling. The first one is street photography style by Vivienne Maier and the second one is documentary photography style by SebastiĆ£o Salgado. After watching the films , there is discussion and interpretation in class about their conceptual and style in photography, in the end of class students will create their concept for shooting in Photography in Community project. The objective in this research is to create a new perspective on photography by learning from the cinematic methods and students will be inspired by 2 photographers in the perception of their community's photography. The research was found that students were interested in studying photography through documentary films and not only the student can apply concepts from the cinematic methods in documentary films to create their own photography concepts for the community but they can transfer their concepts to community projects and presented in conferences and publication in the academic proceeding also. Index Terms - Cinematic, Photography, Community.