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Feminine Voice of Emancipation in Works of Miral Al Tahawi

The notion of women being shackled is not new. Since the origin of time, women have always had to succumb to the power and authority of men. The Bedouin community seems to have upheld this ideology.This research paper is a gender appraisal of Miral Al Tahawi’s four novels: The Tent (1998), The Blue Aborigine (2002), Gazelle Tracks (2008) and Brooklyn Heights (2011). The research paper studied female narrators from the four novels and critically analyzed the issue of gender and oppression on women in Bedouin society.The paper aims to analyze how the author project women voice in the Bedouin community and evaluate marginalization and subjugation of women, the oppressive gender structure which pushes women to brim as well as how women traversed back to the center as depicted in Tahawi’s four novels. The research is guided by two prime objectives; to analyze the state and a position of a woman in the community and to explore the strategies heroine tried to use in fight patriarchy. It critically analyzed the issue of gender and oppression on women in society.The study is restricted within the framework of the radical feminist theory. The present study reaches the conclusion that Al Tahawi’s female characters reflect the ideas of radical feminism. Throughout their challenge, it can be concluded that women are able to rebel reject patriarchal society over them. Keywords - Feminism, Patrirachy, Bedouin