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The Image of Woman Miral Al Tahawi’s Novels

For centuries, women in the Middle East are considered as inferior to man. This can be attributed to the misinterpretation of social traditions, gain it legitimacy in degrading women through the passing of time and ancestors who supposed this is the right way and passed it down to their generations. This conservative attitude towards Arab women affected the life of those women and their roles in the community. This study aims at investigating the image of women in in the novels of Miral Al Tahawi through the lens of feminist perspective. The study presents critical insights into understanding the image of the female characters in Al Tahawi’s works. Besides, the significance of exploring key factors that affect the image of women in the Bedouin society. The research handles the problem of the situation of women in the Bedouin community presented in the theses novels. The objective of the research is to explore the contributing factors that create personality and the image of women in Miral Al Tahawi’s works. The study concluded that women in the novels of Miral Al Tahawi are presented as oppressed, dominated as well as have rebellious spirits and rejection that give them a motive to overcome the obstacles around them. Keywords - Image of woman, Miral Al Tahawi