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The Role of E-Bank Services in Achieving Student's Satisfaction and their Intention to use these Services in Cyprus International University (is bank case Study)

This study investigated the main electronic banking services, which are used by students in school, and its impact on students’ satisfaction at Cyprus International University.It depends on the analytical descriptive methodology to achieve research's objectives. The research community is composed of students at the Cyprus International University, who use the electronic bank services in the IṢ Bank of Cyprus. The SMS ("Simple Random Sample") techniuque is used to identify the target group of the current reserach, and a survey is designed to collect valid data from the study sample. (394) Samples are distributed, neither queistionaire are brought back nor are neglected because these surveys are completed online on computer's library, thus, the surveys valid for analysis are (384). It is noteworthy that this research paper carries out the needed statistical treatment to fit the main research's objectives. The most important results the research found that ATM service , E-payment srvive, and SMS Service which are used by IṢ Bank's customers (CUI unienersity'students) in the Northern Cyprus play significant role in achieving the students’ satisfaction.Also, this study found that satisfaction have an important role in increasing their intention to use e-bank services. These results; in turns, help management in IṢ Bank to find other services and to develop the current ones in order to reach the target of achieving students’ satisfaction . Keywords- E-bank Services, Students' satisfaction, Intention to Use