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Factors affecting the Acceptance and use of Live Customer Support Chat, LSC in banking

The goal if this research is to investigate the intention of individuals to use Live Customer Support Chat, LSC in banking. Specifically, the study focuses on understanding the factors that contribute to the creation of the attitude of customers towards using and adopting this technology based service of e-banking. In order to investigate the aforementioned effects, data were collected, concerning LSC from already users of this system. Results were analyzed with SPSS 23.0, by implementing Pearson correlation, in order to reveal statistical significant correlations, as well as Hierarchical Regression Analysis for the creation of a predictive model. The results showed that intention to use LSC is high and that intention to use it is statistically correlated with all used variables. As a conclusion, from the predictive model created, with the participation of all predictive factors, it is evidenced that intention to use LSC reaches 60%. Keywords - E-banking, Customer Live Support Chat – LSC, intention to use.