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Relationship between Emotional Experiences of Sports and Emotional Intelligence with Self-Efficacy in Elite-Badminton Players

In This paper we illustrate the causal relation between excitement of sports and emotional intelligence with selfefficacy in elite athletes especially for badminton players. The statistical population consist of all Iranian female badminton players (n=210) that participated in the national and provincial leagues matches in Iran (? 2014) also for achieving the main purpose of this study we distributed 210 questionnaires among the badminton players and finally 202 eligible questionnaires were used for the final analyzing. The analysis of this study is based on correlation and the method of collecting data in this study is based on Baren-On .we could obtain the statistical samples for Emotional intelligence and efficacy and excitement of sports and. PLS and SPSS analytical software and other statistical analysis methods specially Cronbach's alpha and structural equation are used for the analyzing the samples. The results showed a positive and significant relationship between emotional intelligence and the excitement of sports and we could see the positive correlation between the emotional intelligence and efficacy of badminton players while there is no meaningful relation between the efficacy and emotional experiences of sports Keywords - Emotional Intelligence, self-efficacy,emotional experiencesof sports