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The Mediating Effects of Organizational Identification on the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Turnover Intention

Intensive competition existing in today’s world has increased the importance of human resource which is one of the most resources among the costs of the businesses. Many businesses that are aware of this importance have been looking for remedies to retain the human resource. In addition to this, they are conscious of utilizing positive psychological elements of the only factor which have been presented to have positive effect in many researches which may help them on this subject. In this study conducted with the participation of market employees in the retail sector which is one of the leading sectors where the competition is intensive and where the employee circulation level is the highest, it was researched whether organizational identification has a mediating effect on the relationship between self-efficacy and turnover intention. With this purpose, data obtained with questionnaire forms from 718 employees working in chain market businesses having about 70 branches which are active in Ankara-Turkey were analyzed. In the study, relationships between the variables and their effects were revealed with correlation and regression analysis and mediating effect was researched. According to the results obtained, organizational identification has a partial indirect effect on the relationship between self-efficacy and turnover intention. Index Terms— Organizational Identification, Self-Efficacy, Turnover Intention, Mediating Effect, Turkey