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Analysis of Public Transportation System in Hangzhou

At present, the barrier free environment of the city, especially the barrier free travel environment of transits get more and more attention. The progress of society, the development of economy, Hangzhou as one of the most developed cities in our country, the problem of population aging is becoming more and more obvious, and the problem of elderly travel is more obvious. Moreover, the government and the public concerned about the disabled more and more closely, accessibility has become the most important thing. Choosing the barrier free of public transportation models and the matching with the bus station are to achieve the public transportation environment based on security, equality and quickly. we conclude that the travel way of the barrier free bus. At the same time more and more attention has been paid to the storage of buses, the phenomenon of citizen carrying large baggage is becoming more and more common. Therefore, the idea of putting up storage space is put forward, combined with investigation and analysis, providing a reference for the barrier free travel environment of Hangzhou city bus. To build a safe, convenient and comfortable barrier free environment, let vulnerable groups enjoy equal access to public services Keywords - Barrier-free Travel; public transportation models; Hangzhou city bus