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The Green Market in Greece After the Outbreak of the Financial Crisis: Case Study of 10 Enterprises

In recent years, increased interest in environmental issues has led to a significant increase in green products in the global market. Today, more and more people worldwide are trying to adopt a "greener" and more environmentally friendly way of life, investing time and money in this direction. But despite the increased interest and investment in green production, consumers do not buy green products as expected. The aim of the present paper is to outline the profile of the green consumer in Greece after the outbreak of the economic crisis. Primary data were collected through oral interviews of 10 businesses’ representatives. The qualitative research was performed using Nvivo 11. The present study reveals that although consumers have become more price-sensitive, they keep supporting green products. However, after the outbreak of financial crisis, the green market in Greece faces a variety of serious problems. In addition, through the qualitative research have been identified several inhibitors of both green consumption and entrepreneurship, such as misinformation about green labeling and products, the negative role of the state, the economic crisis and the high prices. Keywords - Green Products, Green Consumption, Entrepreneurship, Financial Crisis, Green Consumer.