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Official Tourist Publication Change of Kaohsiung City from the Prespective of Territory Change

The global visibility of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan is expecting by publishing international version of Kaohsiung publications, and expanding to the international channels. In 2010, Kaohsiung City’s territory was re-planned, which was an important milestone to establish a metropolise by county/city merger. Align with the county/city merging, the publication of original Kaohsiung County, namely “Kaohsiung County Today” was discontinued, and that of original Kaohsiung City, namely “Kaohsiung Pictorial” was also integrated into the publication of the new Kaohsiung County administrative region. Besides, the layout design of such publication was turned into the layout with a standard specification and a uniform style. In 2015, the existing publication was integrated and revised into “KH STYLE”. Therefore, this study attempts to understand the difference in the layout designs between the republished “Kaohsiung Pictorial” and the current “KH STYLE ", as well as summarize their style evolution before and after the merger of Kaohsiung County/City. This study used the content analysis to explore the elements included in the layout design as the manifestation and classified samples in the classification table. Using the statistical analysis, we discussed the layout design elements of “KH STYLE”. It is expected to provide a design reference for the related professional designers of the Information Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. Keywords: layout design, official publication, content analysis