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The Analysis of Business Model Canvas for OTOP Business in Rayong Province, Thailand

This research aimed to study on the influential factors toward more operational efficiency among the entrepreneurs and to study on the guideline to add more operation efficiency for 232 OTOP entrepreneurs in Rayong province. The results on the study of influential factors toward more operation efficiency of the entrepreneurs found that four factors that the entrepreneurs paid most attention were Key Activities, Value Proposition, Key Resources and Cost Structure in which all have the high level of opinion. The researcher presented the study results to be the guideline to add more efficiency in the operation of the OTOP entrepreneurs in Rayong for two ways; short path and long path. The short path consisted of Key Activities, Value Proposition, Key Resources and Cost Structure while the long path consisted of further used of the four aspects from short path in which will add for five more aspects for the better operational efficiency. These consisted of Customer Segments, Customer Relationship, Revenue Streams, Key Partners and Channels. The statistical results from factor analysis found that all nine issues base on Business Canvas Model were the appropriate measurements model. Keywords- Business Model Canvas, OTOP