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Memory Based Floating Point FFT Processor using Memory Block Vector

A hypothesized conflict-free address scheme which is efficient for arbitrary point memory-based fast Fourier transform (FFT) processor was exhibited in this paper. In the proposed scheme, a high radix decomposition method was utilized for reducing the levels of computation and small radix connected multipath-delay-commutator butterfly units were adopted to eliminate the complexity of the computation engine as well. Several important functions of memory-based FFT processor were combined together, including the continuous-flow mode, variable computation size and conflict-free address scheme. Moreover, a prime factor algorithm was employed to decrease the multiplications and the twiddle factor storage when there subsist prime factors in the decomposition. At last, a unified Winograd Fourier transform algorithm (WFTA) butterfly core was designed for the small 2, 3, 4, 5 point DFTs to reduce the computation complexity further. Keywords - Conflict-free address scheme, long-term evolution (LTE), memory-based fast Fourier transform (FFT) processor, prime factor algorithm (PFA), Winograd algorithm.