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Product Innovation’s Determinants of Chinese Family Business in Chiangmaiand Consumer Socioeconomics

Family businesses are an important economic driver of the countries, especially Chinese family businesses in Thailand. These family businesses are the major form of business, particularly souvenir sector realizing 22.4 billion Baht of Thai market value with 35,000 entrepreneurs. Thus, for surviving, product innovation in Chinese family businesses have received a lot of attention in the literatures since the past decades but there are still some gaps. Then, this paper tries to answer the research question; what product innovation factors are influenced by customers. 400 of small family Chinese businesses customers were collected data using questionnaires in Chiangmai province. The results show that most customers were females with more than 40 years and 31-35 years of age. T-test confirmed that product innovation factors are influenced by socioeconomic factors of customers. Moreover, Socioeconomic factors of customers; age and occupation showed significantly related to product innovation in three categories; line extensions, Me-too products and competitor’s products and new-to-the-world products. Keywords - Product Innovation, Chinese Family Business, Chinese Moon Cake, factors, Chiangmai