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Novel Technology Advancements Needed to Maintain Effective Ways of Handling Human Assets in a Corporate Environment

“Corporate Environment or Corporate Work Culture as the terms speaks for it is the main eye catching entity that makes the difference when it comes to select a desired Job Role form any Candidate’s Point of View.” Maintaining a Corporate Environment has always been one of the most challenging and most debatable topics in any industry. “How is the Work Culture and Environment?” has always been a trending question on any of the latest Company and Corporate Review Sites. Some believe that maintaining a better environment is necessary while others consider only getting the Job done has to be the utmost priority. And both these concerns lead to the main factor connecting them both i.e. The HUMAN ASSETS which are required to get the Job done. As per a survey conducted, 47% of the startups that have not been successful are the result of having efficient people at wrong places of work or due to inefficient Asset management. Though the introduction of Latest technology driven methods to identify the right fit for the job has remarkably reduced the stress of managers and made the daunting task of maintaining a good corporate work environment easy. But the process that deteriorates the work Culture starts from the Very Root Step Called the Recruitment. No doubt we can’t hire with 100% accuracy but yet the process of assigning right roles to assets is what can make a difference in maintaining a great work culture and which in turn will fetch remarkably good results and Exponential business growth and more importantly a Job satisfaction to the Assets working to generate results. Thus this Critical problem of handling assets in corporate environments needs to be immediately and rightly addressed. Keywords - Assets, Technology, System, Innovation, Business, Social-Media, Organization, Corporate, Science