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A Qualitative Study of Threats to the Rights of Online Consumers in India

This research work is focused on the inter-disciplinary research of law with commerce wherein the role of law has been analysed very briefly in Internet e-Commerce for the protection of consumers. In the era of new spectrum of technological advancements, Information Technology has opened new vistas for modern day business transactions. As a result of modern Information and Communication technology, in the lap of Internet revolution, economy has revolutionized from B-Commerce (Bania Commerce) to e-Commerce (Electronic Commerce). The ‘e-Revolution’ has placed virtually the entire trading universe in Cyberspace which has posed new threats to humanity. As the facets of market have transformed from physical to digital market so as the modes of shopping have also been transformed wherein rights of consumers are under various threats. This research work is concentrated generally on the new challenges posed by e-Commerce and particularly on the frauds related to consumers in Internet e-Commerce at the time of online shopping. It is submitted that in this online shopping, on one hand, consumers are tendered convenience, quicken and global choice in services, goods and, more importantly, prices. However, on the other hand, the Internet implies new hazards for consumers in the environment of e marketing. The paper provides an overview of violations of Human Rights of consumers in brief.