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Promoting the Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Towards A Systematic Integrated Policy Model

One of the biggest challenges of promoting SMEs internationalization is the lack of systemic integration of meta, macro, meso and micro levels of policy. Fragmented, sectoral and allocative policy making is the basic policy barriers in SMEs internationalization process. This study proposes a systematic integrated policy model that is conceptually based on the systematic and integrated policy approach to two determinant factors: competitiveness and connectivity (network). It also attempts to figure out internationalization as a process commencing from the establishment of favorable preconditions stage to the strengthening stage. The conceptual model of systematic integrated policy in this study contributes to resolve inefficiency issue as the main gap in the existing strategic policy on SME internationalization in developing states; enhance integrative policy analysis literature and propose a more advanced integrated strategic policy for promoting the SMEs internationalization. Keywords- Internationalization, Systematic Integrated Policy, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)