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The Influence of Occupation Injury Attitude and Occupation Cognition on Employment Intention for Practical Skill Programs Students in Industrial Category at Vocational High Schools

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relation between employment intention and occupation injury attitude with the mediator of occupation cognition of students who took industry-related Practical Skill Programs(PSP) in vocational high schools. 413 students taking industry-related PSP were sampled and surveyed with questionnaires on occupation injury attitude, occupation cognition, and employment intention. Major conclusions were summarized as follows: (1) Students’ occupation injury attitude and occupation cognition prove partial prediction for employment intention; (2) Students’ occupation cognition plays a certain mediator role in the relation of occupation injury attitude and employment intention; (3) Those students who hold positive occupation injury attitude and have good occupation cognition show higher employment intention. Based on the conclusions, this study proposed suggestions for curriculum designs, teachers’ teaching, students in practical skill learning, and future research, such as enhancing training programs for occupation injury education and putting stress on usage of protective equipment. Index Terms- Occupation Injury Attitude, Occupation Cognition, Employment Intention, Vocational High School